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Freestall and Pack Barns
Cow comfort means everything, and Forest Construction has the experience and resources to design and build your next barn for maximum return on investment whatever style it may be, including:
  • Traditional or Automated Calf facilities
  • Traditional or Robotic Freestall and Pack Barns
  • Solar Style and Naturally Ventilated Barns
  • Tunnel and Cross Ventilated Barns
From calves to cows, having the right facility tailored to your individual needs is critical to success. So whether your planning a traditional or robotic setup, our team of professionals at Forest Construction will listen to your story, and are able to offer the helpful advice you may be looking for.

To begin building your next Freestall Barn or Pack Barn, call us at
1-800-242-8085 or click here to tell us about your project!