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Mini & Maxi Overview
Forest Construction proudly builds the following commercial storage buildings throughout Wisconsin and its surrounding areas:
  • Mini Storage
  • Maxi Storage
  • Storage Condos
Storage will always be in high demand, and our team of professionals at Forest Construction are able to help get your next storage developement up and running quickly. We will design your developement for maximum return on investment, while helping to guide you on important decisions such as appropriate sizing and building finishes to meet your location's criteria.
This all means that you can count on Forest Construction to help ensure that your new facility does everything you need it to do, and then some.

For a tour of some of our building projects call 1-800-242-8085 or click here to view our full Project Gallery of Mini & Maxi Storage.

GROW WITH US! Get a custom quote for constructing your next mini or maxi storage building today!